COVID-19 Posters

Please see our collection of Posters and Information materials to help you spread awareness, highlight the measures taken by you and your business and demonstrate your commitment to fight COVID-19. These posters are suitable for use at your home, educational & hospitality and any business venues.

Please contact us for custom sizes, quantities, materials and prints (large banners, outdoor posters etc.)

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Awareness Poster

  • Printed in A4 & A3 sizes
  • Multiple set of Posters for your Organisation, Business, Office or Shop
  • Easy to read, quality glossy posters
  • Answers most common questions about Coronavirus
  • Provides simple to understand advisory for prevention and spread of the disease
  • Provides links to official sites for further & latest information on Coronavirus

Measures Taken
Against COVID-19

  • Printed in A4 & A3 sizes
  • Multiple set of Posters for your Business, Office or Shop
  • Easy to ready, glossy posters
  • Displays your commitment to stop the spread of Coronavirus
  • Assures your staff and customers
  • Applicable to all kind of businesses


  • Set of 2 A4 Posters for your Home, School, Business or Workplace
  • Informs and clarifies most common myths about Covid-19
  • High quality and clear design
  • Lists the most common myths about Covid-19
  • Provides a brief explanation and actual facts about COVID-19

Country Needs You

  • Set of 2, Covid-19, Stay Alert, Your Country Needs You, Art Poster in A3 Synthetic Paper
  • Classic time tested Vintage Design
  • Conveys the message in an attractive & impactful way
  • Waterproof and tear resistant, set of 2 A3 posters
  • Very catchy and conveys the message clearly and in an interesting way

COVID-19 SECURE Compliance Certificate

  • Set of 2 A4 Compliance certificates for your Shop, Business or Office
  • Clearly shows the top 5 compliance items as per government guidelines
  • Space for you / your Heath & Safety Executive to put their name and confirm the due diligence they have undertaken
  • Provides link to official UK government Health & safety website for further information
  • Product Code: B088PZDLST

Self Isolation Sticker

  • Set of 2 stickers
  • Sticker Size: 13cm X 15 cm (approx)
  • Suitable for most doors & glass surfaces
  • Reuse the same sticker as a NO JUNK MAIL sticker
  • The sticky surface is the back side of the sticker